To provide the highest quality on the market, all the fabric we use for custom jerseys and pants are Made in USA.

Football jersey bodies:
100% polyamide (except white)
football mesh 197 g/m2

Football jersey shoulder and sleeves
100% polyamide (except white)
®dazzle 183 g/m2
Football pants and jersey inserts:
92% polyamide (except white) 8% lycra
heavyweight 350 g/m2
Baseball and softball pants and jerseys:
100% polyester ®VISA 285 g/m2
Baseball and softball mesh jerseys:
100% polyester Pro-mesh 205 g/m2

Baseball and softball pinstriped
jerseys and pants:
100% polyester woven pinstripes 277 g/m2
Ice-hockey and basketball jerseys:
100% polyester air mesh 215 g/m2
100% polyester football mesh and ®dazzle