We have established our company in 2003 and started producing baseball uniforms in 2005. In 2006, we became the official supplier of Forelle, producing the own-branded Benson stock uniforms. Later that year we have extended our production with custom clothing. This was a huge step learning how to fulfill the different customer requests, handle orders and keep the delivery times. After the first two seasons most of the difficulties are gone, problems are solved and improved in deliveries. By now, we have supplied more than 170 clubs, teams and federations throughout Europe in fewer-more times.

What we never gave up is the quality. When looking for fabric producers we paid high attention to the quality materials and their experience in the market. We have 3 suppliers in the USA whom we regularly order the fabric. Sewing, lettering and embroidery is made in Hungary with the highest care, focusing on small details as well. Our customers have always been satisfied with all the products they received from us.

Sublimation was the new challenge in 2011, started carefully learning the little things and troubles we could face during production. By now, we can say we do the best sublimated football uniforms possible, and also familiar with baseball, softball, ice-hockey and handball.

As everybody, we make mistakes but ready to set them aright once we learn them. This is essential for us to take the complaints seriously and learn how to avoid them next time.

If you haven’t tried us, give us a shot. If you haven’t ordered from us recently, please tell us how and where we should improve to come back to us. Thank to our location, you can be served quicker, no matter if you back-order just one jersey, this is important for us. We have the knowledge, have the quality; we are the perfect choice for you and your team.

Peter Vida
Benson Uniforms